Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period Explained

dental insurance with no waiting period

In case of a Dental Emergency, you’ll need Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Imagine you’re at a BBQ party at a friend’s house; there’s incredible food, the kids are playing in the pool, and you’re enjoying your Sunday, minding your own business; when all of a sudden you feel an intense pain that goes from your tooth to your brain and back.

It’s an experience that we’d all rather avoid. Therefore, you need to start looking for a dental plan, because not getting one will cost you a lot of money in the long term. Trust me when I tell you that whatever you do, you need to buy a dental insurance plan without a waiting period, so read on because in this article I will explain everything you need to know about Dental Insurance with no waiting period.

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Dr. Debbie Luis

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Understanding the Waiting Period

So what the heck is a waiting period and why should you care about it? Well let me tell you, it’s the most important thing you need to look at when shopping for Dental Insurance. No matter how good the coverage seems to be or how cheap it is regardless of the deductibles and copays, if you don’t get a Dental Insurance Plan with no waiting period, you are probably going to lose a lot of money.

Why? Let’s pretend you just signed up for dental insurance and you are heading to your dentist so you can get that annoying toothache looked at. But here’s the catch: you didn’t read this post and bought a plan with a waiting period, which is basically an amount of time where you can’t claim certain benefits yet.

Waiting Periods vs Plan Benefits

To put it in simple words, a waiting period is the time between the day your plan goes into effect and the day you actually have access to your full benefits. For instance, if your plan goes into effect on February 1st, and there’s a 6 month waiting period on major procedures, Then you won’t be covered for such procedures until August 1st. 

It’s important to note that the waiting period doesn’t start counting on the day you buy the plan, but on the day the plan becomes active. Make sure to ask about your plan’s effective date before scheduling a service appointment with your dentist.

In other words, if your dentist determines you’ll need a major procedure like a crown, or a root canal, you will have to pay for it out-of-pocket, or wait until the waiting period is over and your full benefits are available.

How Long is the Waiting Period?

Waiting periods can range from a few months to a year or more, depending on the plan. They’re usually in place for major (and more expensive) treatments like crowns, bridges, or implants. If you don’t have a dental insurance plan with no waiting period, patience is definitely not just a virtue, but a necessity.

Just so you know, SHD Insurance offers great dental plans with coverage for most major procedures, and no waiting periods, so If you’re struggling to find a good dental plan call us now at (866) 664-0276 and get a free quote in less than five minutes.

How Waiting Periods Affect Dental Coverage

Waiting periods are like sand timers, flipping them starts the countdown. And you’ll be sitting in front of them counting every single grain of sand while it trickles, waiting for it to finish so you can finally use your plan. Sure, you’re covered, but just for the preventive procedures. For the major procedures, like fixing a chipped tooth with a crown, or getting a cavity treated, you need to wait until every grain drops through.

Now, the no waiting variant means that from the day your plan becomes active you can get that crown without the delay. And it becomes especially important when you face, for instance, a dental emergency, because you don’t want to be playing the waiting game with your dental needs. Getting a dental insurance plan with no waiting period is like attending a concert without a line.

Dental Insurance With Waiting Period vs Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Have you ever been to a theme park? Well this is a lot like it. Usually the line for the slow, boring ride is very short, but the line for the exhilarating roller coaster seems endless. With most dental insurance plans containing waiting periods, you have access to preventive procedures (aka the boring rides) from the day the plan becomes active, and you can even ride multiple times in a short period of time, but you will need to stand in line for a long, long time before you can enjoy the best rides (aka major procedures) like root canals or implants. 

On the other hand, a no waiting period dental plan is like a “fast pass”; that allows you quick access to every ride, without having to stand in line, or watching from the sidelines. You can go straight through and enjoy all the attractions, even the wildest ones, right off the bat. In the dental world, that’s enjoying comprehensive care from the day the plan becomes active.

Pros and cons of Getting Dental Insurance With NO Waiting Periods

Immediate coverage is your first win here; you can get that filling or root canal right away. For those of us who value peace of mind, dental insurance with no waiting period is a game changer. It’s about having access to care as soon as your plan becomes active, instead of having to wait while your dental needs hang in the balance.

And let’s not overlook flexibility. Plans with no waiting period adapt to your life’s tempo, allowing you to schedule treatments when you need them, and as I said before, they are vital in case of a dental emergency.

Here is a list of most of the pros and cons of getting a dental insurance plan with no waiting periods:


  • Treatments can start as soon as the plan becomes active.
  • Save money on procedures by being able to get treatment on time.
  • Piece of mind since there’s no holding pattern for your oral health.
  • Improves your overall health and well being by addressing potential dental issues immediately.

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In order for insurance plans to be sustainable, and affordable, whenever a benefit is increased in a certain area, another one might be decreased. Such is the case of the no waiting period benefit, because usually this type of plan has less coverage for major procedures than their counterparts or have higher copayments and/or deductibles. 

Another way insurance companies compensate for the no waiting period benefit is with the monthly premium. Prices of dental insurance with no waiting periods tend to be higher than the other type. However, in the long run, this type of plan usually is a better deal even with higher insurance premiums. I’ll explain it in the following example:

No Waiting Period Plans Are Better in the Long Run

Let’s say you need treatment so you go to your dentist, and they determine that you need a root canal which costs $1,000. So you start looking for a dental plan and you are presented with two options; the first one is a plan that covers 50% of the procedure, costs $50 per month, and has a waiting period of 6 months on major procedures (such as root canals), which means you will need to wait that long to get your procedure done.

The second option is a plan that covers 20% of the procedure, costs $100 per month, with no waiting period; so the full benefits are available as soon as the plan becomes active. Now let’s think about this for a second; at first sight the first plan might seem like a better option because it has higher coverage and lower premium, so if you don’t mind waiting 6 months you can get 50% of the procedure covered and pay $50 per month instead of $100.

But think it through and do the math. If you wait 6 months, even with a lower premium, you will pay $300 until the waiting period is over. Then your insurance will cover $500 and you will pay the remaining $500. So in total, you’ll pay $800. 

Understanding the Value of The No Waiting Period Benefit

Continuing with the example above, with the no waiting period plan, you’ll pay $100 for the first month, the policy will cover $200 and you’ll be responsible for the remaining $800. You’ll pay $900 in total with this option. So sure, the first option is technically cheaper. But think it through, because in reality, for an extra $100 you can take care of the problem right away instead of having to wait 6 months. And as a dentist with over 15 years of experience, I can tell you that in dentistry, the longer you wait, the worse and more expensive the problem will become. So after six months your procedure can cost you twice as much or even more.

Now if you’re in pain, and need dental care right away, a plan with no waiting periods is definitely your best option.

If you’re looking for a dental plan with great coverage and no waiting periods give us a call now at (866) 664-0276 and get a free quote in less than five minutes.

Tips for Choosing Dental Insurance With NO Waiting Periods

When you’re browsing the market for dental insurance, always prioritize transparency. Look for clear statements about the waiting period, and make sure to ask about the length and the benefits that are blocked by it. Distrust any company that isn’t upfront about it and read through the benefit charts to avoid surprises.

Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

You might think that the best dental plans out there are the ones being offered by the top brands with national recognition. And although it is true that being a well positioned brand adds certain credibility, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the ones that offer the plans with the best value, especially when we’re talking about waiting periods. 

Keep in mind that all insurance companies are strictly regulated, and they get seriously punished if they make any kind of false claims in their communications, so the fact that you don’t know them doesn’t mean they’re bad.

Of course it’s important to check the background and authenticity of the company you’re considering doing business with, but don’t panic if you don’t know them. Just think about it, you only buy a dental plan when you need it, so don’t expect them to spend 7 million dollars on a super bowl commercial. They focus their efforts on people that are actively looking for dental insurance.

It’s Not All About the Waiting Period

So we already established how important the waiting period is, and how it affects the quality of a dental insurance plan, but it means nothing if it is not accompanied by comprehensive benefits. If a plan doesn’t offer coverage for major procedures, then the waiting period becomes almost irrelevant simply because most plans offer coverage for preventive procedures from the day the plan becomes active.

Always keep in mind that cost and coverage are as crucial as the waiting period. A low premium does not necessarily mean good value, in fact it means the opposite in most cases, because you might be sacrificing essential benefits you’ll need down the road. In short, you will be presented with many different options, and you need to assess, and compare each plan so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Well there it is. The world of dental insurance can be very confusing, so it’s important that you stay informed about how to properly choose the right option for yourself.

Plans without waiting periods stand out because they Offer immediate coverage, they provide peace of mind, and protect your wallet from unexpected dental costs.

So, when choosing dental insurance, make sure to look for a plan that balances the monthly premium and the procedures that are covered without neglecting the waiting period. Remember that a plan should be as reliable as it is responsive.

If you are struggling to find a good dental plan that you can rely on when needed; SHD offers great options for individualsfamilies and seniors. Call us now at (866) 664-0276 to get a free Quote!


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