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Restore your teeth with a Dental Crown

As you probably already know, this is one of the most common dental procedures in America. Millions of people each year visit their dentist to get a dental crown, and If you’re reading this, you probably need one as well.

So keep reading, because today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about crowns.

Dr. Debbie Luis

Dr. Debbie Luis

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What is a Dental Crown?

In a few words, a dental crown is a prosthetic cap fixed to the top part of a damaged tooth. They can be made of a number of different materials, colors, or shapes; and its primary function is to protect and restore the strength, shape, size, and appearance of your teeth.

When Would You Need a Dental Crown?

In general, a cap is needed when a tooth needs to be repaired or restored. Below a list of the most common scenarios to get a dental crown. (Keep in mind that this is not always the case, which is why self diagnose is a bad idea. I strongly recommend that you visit a licensed dentist to get a professional diagnosis and the procedure to follow):

  • To protect a worn down tooth.
  • To restore a broken tooth.
  • To cover a discolored or misshapen tooth.
  • To support a dental bridge.
  • As an alternative or complement to a filling or root canal treatment.

Types of Dental Crowns

We can classify dental crowns into two main groups, permanent and temporary. There’s another type called Onlay or 3/4 crown; which only covers a portion of the tooth. Your dentist will decide what’s best for you depending on a number of reasons such as how much tooth needs to be covered,  tooth’s location in your mouth, color, and gum position.

Permanent Crown

As you can probably imagine, a permanent dental crown is the final piece that your dentist will place over your tooth. Depending on the reasons explained above materials may vary from one to another. Here’s a list of the most common ones:

  • Metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal
  • Resin
  • Ceramic

Temporary Crown

Crowns are custom made and every crown can vary in shape and material. So in many cases it will take a few days to get your permanent dental crown to be made. Because of this, dentists use what are called temporary crowns, which are simply “place holders” to cover your tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

One Day Dental Crown

As its name implies, this is a special type of permanent dental crown that can be done in one appointment. It’s only offered by certain dentists and only good for cases that meet certain conditions.

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How Much Do Dental Crowns cost?

 Typically, you can expect to pay around $1,000 for one crown. Nevertheless, same as type, the cost of a dental crown can go up to $1,800 or even more depending on shape, material, position, etc. For instance, metal crowns are generally cheaper than ceramic ones.

Keep in mind that the price may increase due to other procedures needed prior to the dental crown; so it’s always a good idea to get a full diagnosis and budget from your dentist. Then check back with your dental insurance provider to make sure that you are covered. 

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How long Dental Crowns last?

Just as your teeth, if give them the proper care crowns are meant to last for several years, sometimes even a lifetime. Visiting your dentist regularly, brushing, and avoiding harmful habits such as grinding, eating hard foods, and using teeth as tools to open or chew other materials, are the best way to extend the life of your dental crowns.


Dental crowns are a great long term solution to restore your teeth on a relatively small budget. Although it is true that it may require other procedures done, it’s still easier and cheaper than its alternatives.

In any case, I strongly recommend to get professional advice before doing anything, and get a dental plan that helps you cover the cost.

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